DM Confirm Email


= Latest Update (1.4) =
* Added a new feature. Ability to edit the email containing the password of the new account.
* New and better organized Settings page UI.

Protect your wordpress site with spam registration. DM Confirm Email makes sure that user trying to register is real by requiring them to confirm their email address.

Have some issues and questions? Found a bug? Would like some improvements? Let me know by commenting your issue here or by hitting me a tweet @donMhico.


  • Reduce unwanted and spam registration.
  • Verifies and confirms email addresses of user registrations.
  • Customize the confirmation email that will be sent.
  • Allows html email content.
  • Define the number of days before the confirmation keys will be expired.
  • Customize all warning and successful messages in the wordpress side.
  • Prevents waste of resources and web space by only creating user account to confirmed emails.
  • Uses all the native registration hooks for more advanced customization.
  • Seamless integration
  • Ability to edit the email that contains the password for the user.

Installation Instructions:

Upload and install like all other plugins.

How it Works:

  1. User registers.
  2. Checks if the username or email already exist or already waiting for confirmation.
  3. Sends the confirmation email to the user.
  4. User confirms his/her email by clicking the confirmation link from the email.
  5. Email is now confirmed, and as normal, WordPress will email the password to the user.

Email Tags:

The following are the tags that you can use on the “Email Confirmation Message” in the DM Confirm Email settings page.

{confirm_key} – Unique key used for confirmation. (example: 1okiwht24ujsh45ujah)
{confirm_link} – Unique key link that is anchored to the confirmation page (with <a> tags). (example:
{confirm_url} – Unique key link without the <a> tags.
{user_login} – The username of the new registrant.
{site_title} – Site title from General Options
{site_link} – Site link with <a> tags
{site_url} – Site link without <a> tags
{password} – The password of the newly created account for the user.
{login_url} – Login url of your WordPress site. E.g.

You are free to register an account at my demo site – to see how DM Confirm Email works.

  • g13600

    What’s the shortcodes and formats?

  • zeoez

    after clicking on the email confirmation link, I get: Key is not valid or already expired.

  • Astik

    Hi it’s working perfect on admin side register i want to register mail send on Front side register page. in front side display error. help me for this

  • RLatchana

    Plugin seems to conflict with Captca – email confirmation not coming through. And with User Spam remover – block on new user notifications not functioning.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I will look into it and try to provide compatibility with the plugins you mentioned soon.

      • olcayyldrm

        Not working under WordPress 4.0.1, after submitting the registration form the plugin redirects again to the registration page (wp-login.php?action=register).

  • Vladimir Snigur

    Plugin seems to conflict with international usernames – with ‘WP Special
    characters in usernames’ plugin the confirmations come through but with
    no username, and the password is not generated..

  • Dan Langille

    Just tried installed the plug-in. It seems the required tables are not being created.

  • Anthony Giuliano

    Any way to change the “from” email address?

  • MrJ

    This sounded like exactly what I needed, but after installing on my blog, users get this error when trying to register:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function login_header()


  • Just installed the plugin on wordPress 4.0 and works brilliant, no settings required. Thanks very much for the developer.

  • How long does it take, for the newly registered user to receive their link to confirm registration? I tried to test this Plug-in with a pseudo-demo user… This demo user hasn’t received the confirmation link, that was almost 30 minutes ago!

  • Ma

    Unfortunately it doesn’t support multi-lingual sites with WPML

  • Piyush Gupta

    hi guys, i am using jobify theme registration page. does “DM confirm Login” plugin works with that ? Jobify authors recommending users to use this plugin for email verification. do i have to change form name etc. somewhere ? Any help will be highly appreciated

  • Anyway to integrate this with Woocommerce?

  • Montse Gómez Repollet

    a hello please help

    I need to send a confirmation email before they can place order from an online store made ​​with WooCommerce .

    The store must be visible to all,

    but before ordering you must register and receive a confirmation email , so that the user is validated .

    I have tried several plugins but so far I have not succeeded.

    If anyone can help me , thank you very much

    I used DM Confirm Email plugin , but does not send confirmation email me and give me high customer directly WooCommerce

    thank you very much

  • Lechi Rlk

    after clicking on the email confirmation link, I get: Key is not valid or already expired.