How to Increase Website Load Speed



So based on our tests above. The methods we applied above really increased my website’s load speed.

Summary of methods used:

  • Combining CSS files and Javascripts files.
  • Optimizing images and creating sprites.
  • Minification

Summary of results

  • From initial total number requests of 80, we are able to stripped it down to 37.
  • Original file size of the web page is reduced from 878kb to 98.2kb
  • From a long 8 – 10 seconds loading time to blazing 0.6 – 1.2 seconds.
  • Website loading time decreased to more or less 90%.

There are still some things you can do like setting up a CDN which isn’t tackled, but I hope this article helps you to increase your website’s speed.

Author: Michael Joseph Panaga

I am a programmer enjoying development using C#, C++, PHP, MySQL, Javascript and more. I can also play different kinds of music instruments and a hardcore gamer.