How to Increase Website Load Speed



Minification is the technique where we reduce the size of the Javascript and CSS script we combined earlier. Just like how we reduce the file size of the images, we also need to reduce the file size of the scripts to “minify”.

How do we do it? We do it by removing comments and unnecessary line breaks on both Javascript and CSS scripts. The lesser the characters in a document, the lesser it’s file size right? Don’t worry about it, we won’t manually do it. There are several “Minifier” available on the web. But for this project I used which is powered by YUI Compressor.

I need to apologize on this part, I forgot to save the image to show you  the details. But I do got the data.

  • Number of requests still the same 43.
  • Total webpage file size reduced from 662kb to 640kb
  • “DOM”-loaded time reduced from 3.5 – less 6 seconds to 3 to 4.5 seconds

You can also “minify” the HTML itself but I won’t do it on this tutorial.

Author: Michael Joseph Panaga

I am a programmer enjoying development using C#, C++, PHP, MySQL, Javascript and more. I can also play different kinds of music instruments and a hardcore gamer.