How to Increase Website Load Speed


Javascripts Combined!

Like what we did with the CSS files, we will also combine all the theme’s javascript files into a single file. Unlike how we combine the CSS, combining Javascript files is a little more complex as we need to be sure that no conflict occur. But at the end you will see the benefit of doing so.

The results is …


Again it was a success and the page load time is cut by another 2 seconds!

  • DOM-loaded time from 5 – 7 seconds  reduced to 3.5 – less 6 seconds.
  • Total file size from 804kb to 788kb.
  • Number of requests reduced from 68 to 50.

Based on the results so far, we can conclude that we are indeed improving our website’s load speed.

Author: Michael Joseph Panaga

I am a programmer enjoying development using C#, C++, PHP, MySQL, Javascript and more. I can also play different kinds of music instruments and a hardcore gamer.