Hello World!

So at last i managed to have the time to create my own personal website. I’m Michael Joseph Panaga and my alias is donMhico. I’m a programmer, gamer and a musician.

Not because I just created my own personal website means that i just started. NO! I’m not really new to the internet, the fact is I’ve been programming, building websites, fixing websites, creating themes, plugins and etc. It’s just that i’m so busy working on other peoples’ or business’ websites that I can’t find the time to create my own.

Well guess what, i’ve managed to make donmhi.co up and running. And the very motivation I created this website is because it’s the same time i will share my very first “own” plugin. Please notice the emphasis on “own” because this is not the very first plugin I created. I’ve created, modified and worked with so many plugins before, both free and paid. But since the start, i always wanted to create my own plugins / scripts.

Just to give you a short description of my first plugin. I called it, DM Instagram. DM Instagram is a wordpress plugin that connects wordpress sites with the admin’s instagram account. The plugin allows the admin to immediately display and share his / her uploaded photos on instagram. The plugin is fairly simple, just like i want it to be simple and working, but it does offer some cool customization. Just check it out here to learn more.

Anyway, this site will, of course, contain things about me.  I will post here about the things I learned, games I played, and scripts I’ve made. But i will be sure to share knowledge by creating good tutorials, game reviews maybe, and of course free scripts.

Be sure to come by every now and then. =)